The Randwick Literary Institute (RLI), located at 60 Clovelly Road, Randwick is a very popular muliti-functional arts-based community centre and also a premier visual and performing arts, rehearsal and performance space. An integral part of the local community for over 100 years, The RLI was founded with the first building stone being laid on 4 February 1913 and since then has evolved to meet the needs of the ever-changing demographics of the local & wider community. Considered as the most accessible and friendly community space in the Eastern Suburbs, The RLI welcomes hundreds of people through her doors every week.

Immediately recognisable by her beautiful, organic, art-deco lines, The RLI majestically sweeps around the corner of Market Street & Clovelly Road replicating the features of a sparkling sandcastle rising from the blue of the water-line.  Comprised of four unique halls, each with their own personality & also a Secret Garden, The RLI is an exciting, creative hub full of warm, enthusiastic & energetic people, each coming together to satisfy their curiosity & to celebrate their particular passions in life.

From performing arts and visual arts, martial arts and the art of meditation to embroidery and quilting through to education on the rescuing of native wildlife; from meetings of the mind with writers and readers to meetings of the heart with philosophers and theologists:  The RLI has groups and classes here for everyone. 

Everyone is welcome to come along and be a part of something really special, by trying out a new skill or by picking up an old one, 

all in a friendly and inclusive environment.

The RLI has been a satiating and intrinsic part of our culture for over a hundred years . . . . Let's make it another hundred!

 The RLI:  A Space to Think. Move. Create.

   p:02 9398 5203