The RLI Arts Festival 2012

The Second Annual RLI Arts Festival occurred on Saturday 22 September, Sunday 23 September and Monday 24 September and was an enormous success!  Here are a few of the pics taken throughout the 3-day festival:


The colourful and celebratory Great Art Banners heralded The RLI Arts Festival this year and also showcased some AMAZING art!


The Better Book Covers Art Competition and Exhibition won everybodys heart with its very accomplished and comical entries


and in honour of the upcoming Centenary of The Randwick Literary Institute on 4 February 2013, we created a giant plaster of Paris book (Literary Institute) complete with cherubs and a portrait of Mr Norman Hoffman, the Modern Founding Father of The RLI. This tableau was replete with scanner lights that constantly rotated at 90 degrees crossing each other like searchlights dazzling an Opening Night Sky, all to highlight this wonderful upcoming occasion.


The Main Hall hosted some fantastic, ecclectic crafts from local artisans 


The Sands exhibited a hanging exhibition that was testiment to the wonderful talent of The Randwick Art Society


and amid these amazing paintings there were performances by the enchanting Tutu Studios, a fully accredited pre-school ballet school founded here at The RLI with classes occurring from Monday to Saturday each school term


and there was a beautiful painting by Patricia Reid, co-founder of The Randwick Art Society, that celebrates all ballerinas that was proudly exhibited for the tiny ballerinas to be photographed alongside.


and art demonstrations and performances by the Uke East Ukulele Band occurred amongst the beautiful paintings by The Randwick Art Society


The Blue Room hosted easel-based paintings also by The Randwick Art Society and was charming in the way that the viewers were engaged so much so that they moved throughout the space as if imagining themselves in each of the art works


and there were buskers like Rej Creaton who sang and played acoustic guitar and Jasper TheNotSoMagnificent (above) who really DID pull himself through a tennis racquet!

Imagine and Imagination were the themes for this years fun, alive and all-inclusive RLI Arts Festival and this certainly was a festival to remember.

Thanks again to Randwick City Council for our very generous grant that enabled generations of people from toddlers to octogenerians and beyond to all come together in celebration of our strengths and differences, through our art.